February 20, 2009

Delhi 6 : Movie Review

Delhi 6, a release from the UTV Movies and ROM Productions released today the 20th February worldwide. Directed by Rakesh Omprakash Mehra, Delhi 6 is a good film but it slightly leans towards being an average watch. Rakesh Omprakash Mehra fails to recreate the magic that RDB created 3 years ago. But again, he continues to point out the hard hitting reality and this time with Delhi 6 goes on to script a movie about the most common social- religious issue told in a very unique and special way.

Delhi 6's protagonist Roshan(Abhishek Bachchan) is an American born Indian residing in the city of New York. He decides on coming to India with his grandmother(Waheeda Rahman)following her bad health who desires to stay in Chandni Chowk of Delhi in her last years of her life. Here is where he meets Bittu(Sonam Kapoor) the daughter of an old family acquaintance who simply is the typical bubbly-traditional chandni chowk gal. Roshan goes on to experience warmth of the people of Chandni Chowk and the whole new culture. He too comes across the whole news saga regarding the "Kaala Bandar" or the "Black Monkey" that has become the talk of the town after the attacks killing people and injuring a few.
Now, the above few events are the only things that take up the whole first half of the movie making it engaging in very few parts.

The movie goes on to show, how the lives of the people in Chandni Chowk are disrupted due to the communal violence following a Sadhu's advice of building a temple in place of a Masjid claiming that a temple existed in the same place as the Masjid years ago. During these events is when, Roshan falls for Bittu. The whole set of events following the violence that leads up to the climax is certainly something that cannot be explained just because of the unnecessary things that's added on to the movie. Just when you feel the movie is getting better with the flowing second half, climax hits you and hits you quite hard. The climax of the movie is something that Rakesh Ompraksh Mehra will be asked and re-asked from the numerous people in the film fraternity about why he chose on such a weak climax which is really dramatic and that is more of a thing,that's hard to digest following climax of RDB.

Rakesh Omprakash Mehra though has chosen an unique way to convey the message to the masses through the whole "Kaala Bandar" thing but again annoys the audience with the too much of "Kaala Bandar" in the first half and the whole "news flash" about it.
Though Abhishek Bachchan occupies most of the screen time does a good job. But the highlight is Sonam Kapoor, and she's delivered sincere honest acting which every viewer is sure to like. Waheeda Rahman too does justice to her character. Om Puri, Vijay Raaz, Pawan Malhotra and Divya Dutta are quite exceptional in the movie providing some humorous scenes in the movie. Atul Kulkarni is the one actor who is certainly not used to his best potential after his flawless performance in RDB.

The music of Delhi 6 is very good.
A.R.Rahman again scores, with an amazing album. "Masakali" being the most liked and hummed one.

Delhi 6 is definitely an average watch after all the expectations from Rakesh Omprakash Mehra. He fails to reach to the level of his own best RDB.

I will go with 7 out of 10 for Rakesh Omprakash Mehra's Delhi 6.
Could be your movie for the weekend.

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  1. AM not a big movie buff but i was kinda thinkin of watchin Delhi 6
    Now i guess i ll have to rethink :P
    Thanx rags for the review

  2. Na I didnt like the movie. It was like it was trying too hard to make an impact! I hate Abhisekh's fake accent! BAH!

    Loved the songs though!! :D

  3. i will watch this movie
    raghav ek poem likhi hai maine lounge k liyye dekho tumhara bhi naam hai usame

  4. Hmmm ... achha review hai ... mera matlab the way you described ... I'm dying to see the film now, lekin mil nahi raha hai ripped version ... kab milega kaun jane ...

    ek cheez jo thik nahi lagi ye hai ke after reading your review, I would think that the rating should have been 5-5.5 not more ... but you seem to have rated higher ... anyways, wo to film dekhne ke baad hi pata chalega ... fingers crossed!!

    I Want Sonam Kapoor to spark!!

    ... Cheers!!

  5. I heard the movie is pretty bad. Let's see I might watch sometime during the next week. Nicely described and I agree with Tan the way you described it the rating should not have been more than 5-5.5

  6. i loved the music.. have ooked for sunday morn show .. lets see how much i agree with u .. coz mst times i do agree wd u wholly :)

  7. a friend told me there is no story in the movie... :) i wanted to watch it though.. hehheheeh will still watch it even if its just for the sake of AB's Baby :P

  8. watched it today...regretting!!!
    what a piece of crap!! itni bakwas thi!!
    ppl had already told me dat its just ok n a one time watch...but mujhe to vo b nhi lagi...total bakwas!!

    promos wid d rehna tu song suggested a sweet love story...n man..wht it turned out to be..!! pathetic!!
    i'l rate it 3/10

    not even worth watching...everything is bakwas...
    n dat cuteee n sweeet 'rehna tu' song is wasted too!! picturised on AB n rishi kapoor while dey r talkin bout delhi n other timpas...!! made no sense der..

    too much of black monkey n stuff..total non sense ...ridiculous...all thru out ramleela goin on acc to scenes n violence...n i wished hum dusherra k baad aate...ramleela to over hoti..lol.. :P

  9. Delhi 6 is a pathbreaking film. I was totally amazed at how the director has used the Kala Bandar metaphor so well and also the Ram Leela. It's a film of our times and an important one at that.

    My review: http://www.bhargavsaikia.com/2009/02/delhi-6-2009_20.html

  10. raghav,i learnt a lesson by not checking ur post n going to the theatre last evening...the movie was soo slow n boring.i regretted watching it.my poor dad was bugged up watching it. i can find solace in the only fact that i have watched a film where i had spent my whole childhood..rahman's music rox!n sonam was looking gud too..rest of the film was bakwaas.

  11. raghav yet so many people here doesnot like this movie
    but iam totally agree with you
    yet it is slow in between but the way director uses the kala bandar in this movie is great
    and with that the use of ramayan and i the end when the radio is repair by a brick that fall on that....

    i really loved this movie
    and this movie gave us a lesson that wwe had to fight with our ineer kala bandar ....in this world there are lot of kala bandar who wants the war on religion and we had to fight against them but before that we had to fight against our inner sins.

    and i will give this movie 7/10

  12. And about Delhi 6. Saw the movie yesterday:

    It is one of the best movies in recent times. I'm not sure why a few people have given negative reviews on this movie. I do not understand that. I loved its bits and innovations too ... it had everything I want in a film ... I enjoyed, I laughed, I felt sad, I felt emotional and I was overwhelmed by the music - everything together has given life to the story!!

    A really good movie ... Who ever has not seen it, should do so asap!!


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