February 14, 2009

Billu Barber : Movie Review

Billu Barber, this year's most expected release from the Red Chillies Banner simply turns out to be an ordinary watch. Directed by Priyadarshan, who's known for his Malayalam remakes in Hindi yet again fails to mark the everlasting impression on the audience. Billu Barber definitely looks like a sincere effort to make everyone like the movie. The movie starts off with low pace and just when you feel the movie is catching pace,the curtains are down.

Billu Barber's protagonist Billu(Irfan Khan) is a petty barber from the village called Budbuda who struggles to earn every penny but still somehow manages to make a living supporting his family. He's simple, humble and a character that everyone in Budbuda loves. His destiny changes when, the filmstar Sahir Khan(Shahrukh Khan) lands in Budbuda for the shooting of his film. Billu is then pestered by his children to go meet him,to whom he had once said Sahir Khan was his childhood friend. Things go out of hand when the news of Billu being the childhood friend of Sahir reaches every corner of Budbuda. Billu then refuses to accept the fact that he once knew Sahir, assuming that he wouldn't recognize their childhood friendship now. He's then mocked up by villagers for making such a fool of himself. The things leading upto him meeting Sahir Khan is for you to watch for yourself.

Billu Barber's heart and soul is Irfan Khan. He's quite stupendous in the very first commercial movie that claims to put him as the main lead. His funny, serious and emotional shades are quite perfectly done. He's bang on with his performance as always. The highlight of the movie is the acting of Lara Dutta who plays Billu's wife. This is when you actually come to know, how important the script and the character are in making an actor give his-or-her best. Lara Dutta is extremely good giving her career best in BB. As always,Screenplay and dialogues of Billu Barber are something that's a little carelessly done as compared to the previous release of Red Chillies OSO that scored almost in every department. Shahrukh Khan does his bit of acting convincingly. The actors like Rajpal Yadav and Om Puri are let down with ordinary dialogues, who still try creating humor that goes totally unnoticed. The movie lacks the energy that a typical Shahrukh Khan movie usually tends to generate. The special appearances by Deepika, Kareena and Priyanka is good but lets you forget as continue watching the movie. Though the money is spent lavishly on the sets, the film fails to deliver the expectations of the audience.
The Music of the movie is not appealing either.
Billu Barber scores an mediocre rating in every department.

I will go with 6 out of 10 for Priyadarshan's Billu Barber.

Not a must watch.
But go with no expectations and you might not be disappointed.

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  1. i never liked the look of the movie !! guess mty intution was correct :)

  2. Dude ... the name of the Movie has been changed, if you have checked it out recently ... The new name of the movie is BILLU and there is no barbar anymore!!

    Hope I like the movie ... lets see ... ;)

  3. Neither did I like it ;)
    BTW the person who played irfan z role in tamil was good as well :)

  4. Actually the original malayalam movie was too good in every possible department. But in tamil it was a disaster because of stupid slapstick comedy and unnecessary scenes and totally divulging from the actual storyline.

    Must be same with hindi version also, as SRK in hindi, there was rajnikanth in tamil. Irfan khan must have done justice to his role, probably he must be an exception, as it was the same in tamil too.

    Finally a deserving story abdly treated with all possible commercial elements :(

  5. I was very disappointed with Billu (not Barber!). Just glamour and very little soul.

    My review is @ http://www.bhargavsaikia.com

  6. not into movies but loved to read the review.. :)


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