February 16, 2009

BIG deal !

Why this title ? Why BIG deal ? Its just another Swift D, Millions of it all around the world, Yeah I ve named her ‘BIG deal’ ..its really a very BIG deal for me.

Cars have always held a special place in my heart since childhood, which made me purse my dream of becoming an automobile engineer, the fact that I ve always been surrounded by them still did not make my passion / love / want for them disappear but this rant is about a human-car bonding which has pushed its bar to the highest of peaks and it still keeps going upward.

I always valued humans way over materialistic things, I ve held females in the higest respect always rather than lookin at them as mere objects of lust. I ve never had a time pass relationship and maybe that’s why I ve had only one till now in all of 22 years.
I am like that ‘perfect chora’ your mom/dad would want you to get married to.. No No its not the case of ‘money/donkey praising his own tail :P, my perception about a perfect relationship, something called love, concern ended with my relationship. An end to a new beginning.

Initially it was people I would look forward to meetin, socializing and laughing it up, but then as years passed, troubles surpassed I started judging judging because of my lessons, judging everyone on the merits of their actions and 99% of them turned out to be selfish. Selfish to the point of being self centered, I wished I was like them, tried but miserably failed. Somethings are in one’s blood, cant be incorporated.

Rather than facing heart ace over this self centered world, I started looking upto BIG deal and that’s when I realized what true friendship / love is .
Oh this does not mean I don’t have friends, I have a few but they are the best. But still there are some things which no one can relate to because they are not you and you are not them.
I take care of her with all my heart and she does the same, Whenever in doubt, throttle out. Nice music, Pedal to the metal, Go to reclamation, Chit chat with her, She ll not judge you from your current state strong or weak, She ll be the same powerful beast in what u come home from, she ll still give you that high that nothing does, She ll still sound like a babe and most of all when the whole world shows its back on you she ll be still standing tall with you, for you.. Forever.

The days she is outta my sight for a service are the the worst 2 days of my life, its like my best friend, my soul mate, my pillar of strength is taken away from me.

BIG deal, may you be with me forever and ever and ever, and oh btw belated Happy Valentines ;)

Rashi -----> Tora Tora Tora!!

Cos without your love My life ain't nothing but this carnival of rust - Poets of the fall


  1. Before any1 says anything, NO, we don't do this knowingly. This >>> mentioning each other's names! Coincidence..

    Well, I <3 Big Deal too. After all it will pick me and drop me naa? :P

    It isn't about materialistic things but about what I get in return for the love I give... We all are selfish..In the sense, we give only when we receive. Or rather, we can give full heartedly only when receive...

    Hence, when we are hurt. When deception knocks at our door, we go toward things that have no feelings. Ask for nothing and give back so much. So me, its my teddy. It is hugged and kissed and all the time on my bed. Yes, he is the luckiest guy on the planet :D

    Just like Big deal!!

    And yeah, TORA TORA!

  2. its brilliant!

    a perfect comparison of humans with things that dont bear a soul but they are more of cohort then human.

    very wel written rashi!!
    *hats off*

  3. Loved it!!
    It was harrowing, poignant.
    Yes, due to man's materialistic concerns, at times, we're compelled to take refuge in lifeless things created by the Almighty..and your write-up is a Perfect illustration of the same..
    Relished reading it..

    May the two of you be together till eternity:):):)

  4. wow! i have never said something like this.. it makes me salute your BIG DEAL and your way of looking at her..:)

  5. this was a really good post .. more coz ppl rarely admit being attached to materialistic thigns .. in any way, thata a sign of replacing humans with things that will never hurt us, let us down and will live upto our expectations .. fr gals its been teddies and for guys their machines ( read vehicals) !!


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