February 13, 2009

Beyond Lounge.

What can be beyond lounge, I had been asking the question myself. And then suddenly Neha's birthday came.. phew! And guess what? Okay you wana hear the story, here it is: 

I have always said that my best people hail from my family or Internet. Except Uzra of course! I've always found my soul mates, sisters, best friends from internet.  Millions of miles apart, yes, but close to heart. J

 Let me tell you about my first Talk to Stephen, my first exclusive nick by Sandeep and Stephen and first call to Sandeep, Mona, Neha and priyanika…

 So, I and Stephen was chatting when he suddenly said, 'hey guess what my celluler network provider has offered one week's free call all around the world'

 That minute I was sure of and one of the following or more than one, is/are true:

1)      He's lost his mind.

2)      He's drunk – which is another form of losing mind.

3)      He's playing a prank on me.

4)      The world is really coming to an end.

5)      The Indian police is going to trace me and prolly capture me

6)      They'll prolly charge me, instead of him, for the call

 5 minutes later I was talking to him and giggling! And after that he concluded that:


1)      I hailed from Islamabad

2)      I speak a lot.

3)      I speak very fast

 Hence my new nick will be "Islex" short of Islamabad Express.

 Hehe! The fact guys, is that I don’t talk a lot, Its just that I have good typing speed :P


So, after he's dropped the call after 9 min and some seconds we both checked, none of my fears came true, the call was actually absolutely free and I am still safe ;) we threw our sims to minimize the chance of any complexity hehe!! I loved it. What I concluded after the talk:


1)      He's sweet. (not in Literal meaning people! Don’t try adding him in your desserts :P)

2)      He speaks so slow!

3)      It takes repetition. Three times of every line till he gets it ;)

4)      He's tall. (hehe! I dono how I concluded this :P)

5)      Has an awesome potential about everything.


So that was it, I would call him again too, for 2 minutes (yes its very very expensive at my end. 20 Rs. Per minute. And that’s expensive if you're a student hehe) and to which he'll confirm for one whole minute, is this you Asbah? Have you really called me? Darn one whole minute wasted in such investigation lols.


And when Neha, Mona and Ste would meet Sandeep, celebrating Neha's birthday, Sandeep wold call me from stephen's cell and on my saying 'steeee' (read it yelling) he would correct me in his very idea-marketting-manager tune "My Sandeep Balan" damn! And guess what? Till I panic at how he'd persuade ste to use his balance the call was disconnected in 46 secs ;) now who's telling me of generosity? Huh!


 I would call them again, for a much longer conversation and guess what Not only I would talk to all of them, first time too all except Ste, (oh second time to sandeep to.. we've had a I-Am-Sandeep-Balan talk minutes before too na) but I would also try to imagine my eating of Tandouri Chicken (because the cake was already done before my call.. how mean!) to that I concluded:


Mona: we talk very little but she has a sweet girlish voice.

Neha: her voice is as mature as her writing – way too

Sandeep: was So wrong in nick-naming me Islex, becase he speaks A LOT. Have a hell lot of energy flowing and him bathing in it. (invisibly of course :P ) and He's so hyper (I imagined a jumping bubbling 6 feel tall lol… ) and he speaks way faster! should be nicknamed Mujet. Short of Mumbai Jet  !


And the last but not the least, I would call priyanka! a part of the surprise because after much of the ado she was Placed, and that too, for our delight, in the best place of her college *wow* I actually wanted to call right away when I heard the news,  couldnt because was low on credit (yes, welcome to Student's cell phone packages!) so next day at office I left my money at the counter and told the receptionist to favour me enough to bring a call-card. She did, and then I called her.... heart throbbing hard, what if she fainted listening to me?? what if the call wouldnt get through, what if she wont pick at all? etc. so she did pick up and after a lot of hello hello and hello and me saying 'hey its asbah' and shivery too, because I had gotten out of the office to call her... I had to disconnect the call :( I signed in my Gtalk from cell, expecting she would be online, she was, lol (Pure addict) I told her I called and she said she couldnt talk because she was in the class... and that now she could because the minute I dropped the call (not the cell) her class was over. Sigh!

So, I would go to the conference room to hide and call her :P since I couldnt wait for the Lunch-break and for many seconds we'd be so surprise that we wouldnt speak - shock, joy, excitement all coming together in one go :)

And concluded she's hell sweet, typical for the impression I have of her, fairy-talish-pixie! I loved it.

 On pixie, I remembered I have to call a lot of people!

 And on calling I remember why not we have a more official Meet up??

 Lets say, meet somewhere in Mumbai, all of Mumbaikers… Lets take this place Beyond Lounge! We can be there virtually na, just take a laptop and net-connection at the rendezvous!! I anticipate it will be hell fun. What say guys??





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  2. this post gave me goosebumps.. i dont know how to explain that.. thank you so much for writing this... and hey guys yes please take it beyond lounge...i will be sitting at my computer watching all of you through your webcam....

    kudos asbah...

    I used to wonder wat's islex... and now that i know ...lol.. Ste is so creative in nicknaming.. "Kan" is another example of that.. :)

    you have described the entire thing so clearly that I felt as if I had the conversation..

    but you didnt mention how sweet a person you are...I know.. you are really very sweet...for only a wonderful person could think of writing this one and sharing it with all of us..

    thank you asbah... I hope the WL mumbaikars are listening.. :)

  3. aww!! islex is a combined nick actually, By Ste and Sandeep :D

    hehe thankyou Kaj, I am so In for the meet up :) lets see what is being decided :)

    why Mumbai? because one admin and two founders live there, once it is successful we can take it to banglore, Dehli, and even islamabad too ;)

  4. Wow!!! That was really interesting to hear.

    Since i've been in the lounge i've always wanted to know, how it came into being et cetra. Know your family members @Lounge really helped me in that direction.

    Pretty amazing to see how people with same passion and interests are getting across together.

    way 2 go :)

  5. you can also read the 'how it was created' here: http://weandwords.blogspot.com/2008/12/birth-of-wl-how-lounge-was-created.html

  6. Oh, I was honestly thinking of chennai too, but then I wondered if anyone lives in Chennai... yeah I am In for chennai too :D

  7. All meet up at all cities and then we can all webcam together.. Cant that be done?

  8. A Great Idea on this Valentine's Day ... was also planned sometime ago, I believe, but never realized!

    I also had a few days of 10 mins ISD free of cost from Voda ... how generous they were - but alas! I could not call anybody ... So, I missed some 30 mins of free ISD somehow ...

    Well Asbah, I am sure you will accept me telling that my imagination and visualization was much better than that of you mates ... lol ... Hope you remember ;)

    Well, the idea is good ... check if we can also implement it mates ... it would be fun humesha!!

    Cheers ...

  9. wowwww asbiii!!!
    loved dis!! really so much!!
    kajal is rite ven she says only a wonderful person could think of writing this one and sharing it with all of us..u r lovely dear :)

    d way u desribed in points wht u thot ven she told bout d free call...hehe..lol...
    n agree..good idea of d meet yaar!!

    now i also feel like writing what i felt when i talked to my blog buddies...though i shuldnt just say blog buddies...coz u guys cease to b only dat... u guys r now among my very special frnds.. :)

    so..let me start wid apna ste...
    hmm..d first time we talked...he called me one afternoon...n it was a surprise for me! yes!
    i had his numb..n ven i saw..'ste callin'....ohh..i was happy n surprised!
    n i remember..i said... "hiiii stephennnnn" (in dat longish tone :P )...n he copied d same...n said.."hiii priyankaaa"
    n den v talked bout dis n dat...n colg n whts happenin n all dat..n he ws tellin me..see i called u...hehe...
    n what i concluded:
    he has got a baby voice...which is soooo cuteee!! no matter his claims of being 6 feet n all...lol...but from voice, a kid!! i love d way u speak ste...like a cute kid :)

    now 'our lil finger' mona! ..well though i had thot of callin her before..but nvr did! :P
    so..v did talk finally a day after neha's bday! n d lil girl ws not well..aftr an overdose i guess...hehehe...n den v talked d nxt day too...coz she called to congratulate me :)
    n wht i got from her voice: sweeeet, cute, n a little tomboyish...!! :)

    n wid neha too..i talked a day after her bday..i didnt call her on her bday...ws thinkin of callin ..but den i thot..probably she doesnt even know me! :P
    so v talked d next day...n i agree wid asbah..she has a mature voice...n she called me nxt day too..how sweet :)

    n though u r not a blog frnd twin...still...how can i not mention u!!
    i dont even remember d first time we talked!! :P ...kuch yaad nhi aa rha!! it has been soo long...
    but..i do remember d first time u left me a msg on d fore community...how can i ever forget dat!! god was kind to me dat day...n i got my best bday gift ever!! :)
    n as asbah said...u talk sooo much...n ur talks (read crap :P ) reflect d energy flowin in u!
    n d rare times ven u r in ur senses...hehe...den ur voice is...sooo much caring n loving type! ...like a father or brother type caring voice..
    n though i hav till date talked N no. of times wid u...i still feel so gud ven ever i do.. :)

    now to d creator of dis lovely post...asbiii...well..as she explained...finally we did talk!
    n i was sooo surprised n soo very happy!!! n we talked bout how she ws callin from office..hiding..hehe...n v even talked bout our fav chocolates!! n dis n dat...but throughout..i was smiling n giggling!
    n wht i got from her voice: exceedingly sweeeet!! has a lovely n a lively voice!! cute lovely sweet girl! :)

    *love u all*

  10. good to read ur comments....
    it was a rainy day and airtel sever had crashed in mumbai...so that we cud make free calls to frnds.........the same day i was talking to asbah online.......a frnd of mine told me abt this airtel server crash thing.......i realized that i cud make calls to my frnd......i soon asked asbah that if i cud call her.....she was thinking for a while and cudnt believe ....i cud feel that she was excited......i soon called her.....dad was sitting besides me......he was wondering to whom i was talking.....trust me.....i say that she talks a lot.....she was talking abt some site ......desiwriterslounge.com and told me if we cud implement something similar for writers lounge......she was going on talking and talking and look some one now says that i talk slow.......

    that day was really gr8 ....
    next time she called me when i was sleeping on my bed.....i thot that it was a dream....that asbah is calling me dammm.....how wud she....she asked me abt some one who tried to play prank on her....was funny though....the 3rd and 4th time she called me i cudnt talk as my sister had the phone and she cut it .....

    asbo is a real sweetheart...and i cud say frm her voice itself.....ur so cuteee....

    next ...thanks asbo for introducing me to a person with versatile personality..yes i am talking abt sandeep...while creating writers lounge .... she told me abt this guy and i was impressed after reading his mussadi man series....i went thru his orkut profile and realized that he had dne his schooling frm apeejay which is at nerul,the place where my college is located...i added him as a frnd in orkut and in gtalk...those wre the days when idea allowed him to access net 24x 7 :p kidding.........one cud see him online everyday between 10am to 8 pm.......talking to him was always fun... his dialogues....especially his caller tunes....."hello ,busy hun busy hun"......these days our dude is very busy......met him for the first time on neha's bday....was really gr8 talking to him......a huge 6'2" tall guy and always loved to joke at his own expense.....hehehe u rock bro......

    hmm i spoke to her for the first time while i was going to my aunty's place......a good girl ....really .....i liked the way she described herself on yahoo with her avatar calling it to be nerdy .....hehehee she sounds like a kid and hey priii u say its tomboyish hehehe ...funny u r....and u call my voice to be like a kid woaaa....


    another frnd of mine...me,sandeep,mona and neha met on her bday...such a nice person she is ....we love pulling sandeeps legs and playing pranks on him...but bhai wont mind....wud u bro???

    hmm nw i will tok abt an interesting person,,,

    priyanka the very first time i spoke to her was really funny.....the prev day i took her num and the next day i spoke to her....

    priyaankaaaaa ...i told in response to her stephneeeeeen ...hehe i still remember those chats.......i love her voice,,,especially those kario ..n all that she says.....recently she called me to talk abt the deletion of my post....she told that she deleted the thing ...and common i was like going mad coz....it was she who gave me the details and she deleted it.....after some time she says ki u sound like a kid ,,, huh huh huh .....mein bachha nahi huunn

  11. i wanted someone to put the post about the meeting ..thanks for posting this !!

    reading this made me miss my calling days .. now i dnt wanna talk to anyone .. (thats a long story so will tell some other day !) ..

  12. Wow !
    So nice to read bout all this :)
    Now i know why the lounge is such a good place :) :D

  13. Thanks for starting this asbah, now i'm getting to know more about all of you though i havnt spoken much to you ppl. Feeling good. God Bless :)

  14. wow..Sounds gr8..!!
    U r definitely a sweet heart asbah..!! :)
    Felt nice reading this... comments included....
    I'll start making calls..hehe


  15. Have been envisioning the whole of chat and all through out my reading …
    It’s lovely to know about you people. And asbah. She is really a sweet heart.
    May the lounge family stay blessed today and always

  16. okay.. so its my turn...

    well... i was always this telefone person and that too to such an extent that my sis had actually nicknamed me "Fona"... lol... but havent got to talkin much on d fone lately (thanks to college.. roaming charges and mood swings in general...)

    okay lemme start with ste... ste had called me for christmas i suppose.. n i was pleasantly surprised... he sounded sooo sweet and nice.. which he genuinely is...(i can tell.. becoz we've met)...

    sandeep next... this fellow just cant keep quiet.. he keeps on talkin and talkin and talkin.. but its realy nice to get his calls n it realy cheers me up wenever we talk...

    priyanka... she is d sweetest.. i hve always felt that about her.. and it does show in her voice.. she has dis genuine sweetness about her... i felt really nice after talkin to her.. like we kno each other for ages...

    asbah.. she took me by surprise.. i always expected asbah to be sumone wid a strong voice but she sounds like dis innocent lil gal on d fone... her voice is truly endearing.. n i loved her enthusiasm on d fone.. really felt like she was wid us wen we were celebrating neha's bday...

    n neha ofcourse.. we've had innumerable fone conversations (courtesy hostel life) ... its just great to talk to her about anything and everything... she always has great things to tell me and great advice to give...

    still waiting to kno many more of u... prats, kajal, insiya, vinay, jack, tan, arjun, r.v., kings, nan... (sorry if i didnt mention anyone's name)

    all in all.. its great to go beyond lounge... to become friends wid each one of u all.. its great to have u all as frnds...thanks for adding this new dimension to my life.. we rock!!! cheers!!

  17. hehe wow !!so glad to see so many posts


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  19. First of all, so sorry to comment so late!

    Let me go in the order in which I spoke to the lounge members.

    Mona: my lil' sis (who, btw, has really grown up now)!! She was the one who introduced me to the lounge. This is kinda surprising coz' I introduced her to blogging. Anyway, I can't thank her enough for introducing me to such a brilliant group of writers and poets. About her: Frankly, everytime I think I know her perfectly. And everytime, I realize that I don't. Her heart is as pure, simple, sincere, and beautiful as her poems. One moment, she can be a total imp; the very next moment, she's a mature adult with great advice. Words are not enough to describe her. You gotta meet her and know her to really understand what I mean! Must say I am blessed to have her in my life.

    Ste: Stephen, the cutie pie. I remember the first time he'd called me. It was to inform me that I was the first runner-up in teh rain drenched lounge contest. Sweet beginning!! About Ste: What he is online is totally different from what he is in person. But, a hugely pleasant surprise no doubt! And yeah, we have a song for him: "Ma da laadla bigad gaya!" And humne hi usko bigada hai. Ask him the reason. Ste... daa... remember?

    Sandeep: This is how it started. I wanted to ask him for some help with branding (one of my subjects). So, we started talking at about 12 midnight. That was the only night I didn't sleep a wink--we spoke till about 5 in the morning. My cellphone conked off thrice due to low battery, but that didn't deter us. So, at 5, I HAD to hang up because I had a submission later that day. The next day, for the very first time in my life, I was dozing in class and my prof caught me (thanks for that Sandeep)! I don't know what crap we talked about, but that's how crazy this guy is! He's stupid, he's irritating, he's crazee, he's dumb, he's full of crap gyaan that he throws around, he can embarrass u in public... but then, he's sweet, adorable, a brat, kind-hearted, can make u laugh at the drop of a hat with his antics, and a great friend. To sum him up in one sentence, "You can love him or hate him, but U CANNOT ignore him."

    Asbah: I guess I spoke to her for less than a minute on my birthday. To me, Asbah seems like a rose-petal with a dew drop resting on it: delicate, pure, almost divine. Let's try and meet up. Would love to know you better!

    Priyanka: I spoke to her on the day after my birthday. She was very worried about being placed. I didn't know what to say to her because that was the first time I was talking to her. But somewhere, deep down, my heart said "God, get her the HUL job." And guess what, God listened. This girl is the quinteesential bubbly girl-next-door. She writes beautifully and I am really looking forward to metting her in a couple of months.

    ALL OF YOU: Thanks for being what you are. And thanks for making my birthday so special (couldn't have had a better 2*th birthday)!! Note: the asterisk is INTENTIONAL!

    To all the other members of WL: Can't wait to meet all you guys! Let's try and arrange something. I think something on 16th July this would be worth considering (WL's first birthday)! Also, we'd have time to plan out. Just a suggestion... what say people?


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