February 28, 2009

Aaj Bhi...

Hey Chums,this is my first attempt at hindi poetry.
Aaj yun hi kalam uthakar kuch likhne ka mann hua,
I am putting it up with an anxious mind..Your suggestions and criticism welcomed.
Here it goes,
"Yaadon ke samundar mein jhaank kar to dekho,
aaj bhi meri yaadon mein doob jaoge
dil ki gehraaiyon mein utar kar to dekho,
aaj bhi mere khayaalon mein kho jaoge,
hasraton ki viraasat ko tatol kar to dekho,
aaj bhi mera hi naam padhkar hairaan reh jaoge,
sapnon ke bikhre hue shishon ko jodkar to dekho,
aaj bhi meri parchaaiyon mein khud ko dhoondhte reh jaoge,
jazbaaton ki kashti mein baithkar to dekho,
aaj bhi mere ehsaas mein beh jaoge
khwaahishon ki udaan bhar kar to dekho,
aaj bhi mujhe apne kareeb hi paoge"

This is dedicated to a dear friend,who is finding it hard to survive,after an unfortunate break-up.
I have just tried voicing out her poignent sentiments.


  1. AMAZING ...actually i wanted to write something on similar lines for a frnd who is goin thru same situation lets see how much i succeed....but beautiful :-)

  2. well...i never knew ur hindi was tat gud.... heartfelt gesture!

  3. that's very good mohita..first attempt k hisab se to bahut badhia hai...
    kavita ko padh kar lagta nahi hai k tumhara first attempt hai..

    tumhare andar ek bahut hi badhia kaviyatari hai

  4. @Prats,Nabila

    Thanks.Delighted to know that.

  5. @Megha, Chirag

    Guess,even I din't know about this side of me.
    But,I am immensely ecstatic after exploring it.

  6. Mohita, go ahead and have one with emotions expressed in hindi.. trust me this poem has come out great!

  7. Dono Barhiya hai..the expression and the hindi !!

  8. yeah Me loved it too, very mature writing!


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