January 19, 2009


Who am I?
What do I want?
Do I really exist?
Or am I just lost?

What I really want,
Is it just a dream?
To be the lord of my life,
To reign supreme!

What I want to perceive,
Is it the melody of success?
But all around, I hear,
Requiems of crushed dreams!

What I want to see,
Is a smile on every face,
But all I get are blank stares,
As if life has vanished without a trace!

What I want to feel,
Happiness and love in the air,
Then why is there this scent of gloom,
Sadness and Despair!

Is it really this hard,
To be happy and contented,
Or is it just me,
Excessive expectations leaving me dejected!

I persist along in this eternal quest,
To find remedies for my solace,
Still my reflection in the mirror,
Remains a stranger to myself!


  1. few days back i'd have realted to this one...
    hey but nice lines there..

  2. lovely words o maverick...

    you are who you are,
    yes you do indeed exist,
    you are all over our life,
    like the early cool morning mist.

    what do you want,
    come on ask your heart,
    go after it, live your dreams,
    give your journey a start.

    success you wanted,
    yet you saw just crushed dreams,
    come on o maverick,
    life is never easy as it seems.

    you can make a smile,
    by laughing with your eyes,
    you can me the best you can,
    you aren't living on lies.

    reflect upon you always,
    try to be better than who u are,
    for to us, your little friends,
    you always shall be a star.

  3. Wow! Leo u turned up wid a oem dats better than da original post! Am honoured to hav initiated dis piece frm u! :)


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