January 10, 2009

Spreading Cheer To a Cherished Friend

Thoughts will clash,
Faults will flash,
Faults will be found,
But what goes will come round.
When the going becomes tough,
And the world seems rough,
Recall the face of the thing
That made ur smile come out like a spring.
We all live once and only once,
Weeks, days, years or months.
Fill ur life with things that bring u cheer
Kill the worries, throw the fear.
There mite not be a solution for ur woe,
But do not think there is a foe;
Coz sometimes in life,answers there are none,
Asking the questions, mite just not be fun.
The brightest flower, and the morning lark,
The shining sun, and the blue shark,
The sparkling clouds, and the flaking snow,
They want u to smile...do u know?
So cheer up buddy, start afresh,
Let go of ur mind thats tied in a mesh
U mite be wrong, u mite be right,
Tell urself, u will have no fright.
(written last year for a dear friend, who introduced me to Writers Lounge a few days back...so thought of starting my contribution with this very post from my blog)


  1. really inspiring..and welcome in :D

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  3. welcome shantan!

    a couple of short-hand here and there, I personally (and yes, this is a very personal opinion) think that when we're writing in english we Should Respect it. Take care of spelling and grammar and try not to use mobile/internet lingo here! its some what a disrespect.

    about the poem, a couple of forced rhymes, but since i cant rhyme a poem i cant analyse it much.

    Basically a good thought, with time, i feel, that you can improve a lot :)

    just re-read a poem 3 times after you've written it, honestly, this helps a lot.

    welcome in.
    I hope to see a lot of participation from you, in writing and feedback to other posts :)


  4. hey thanks for the feedback asbah.
    @pink orchard:thanks for the words

    will keep writing..

  5. Hi shantan

    Awesome poem this one...

    Very inspiring with a msg to keep the enthu on top gear inspite of watever storms come by in life..
    and not fall weak or stop becoz of those storms...

    Great thot!!!

  6. scintillating entrance shanthan!! welcome to WL...

    very inspiring thoughts!!

  7. Hi people!!

    Great to hear some nice words from u all. Well asbah mentioned a lot of things about my poem with respect to forced rhymes, and use of certain lingo.

    While i respect what she says, i personally believe that each one has their own style of expression.

    And we need to have our own creative freedom to express the way we enjoy.

    I dont think we should evaluate people's writing with such literary criticism. Atleast thats what I believe Writer's Lounge is: A forum for creative expression.

    What do you all think?

    Writers Lounge rocks! Lets keep writing and sharing! :-)

  8. Yeah shantan I agree on this completely.

    Check my post regarding this.


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