January 12, 2009

Shattered Dreams...

A beautiful blossom, she was meant to be,
Her eyes, so innocent, her mind so free,
Her laughter, like the tinkling of a little bell,
A beauty made in heaven, yet sent to hell.

Her voice, so mellow, could touch your heart,
Yet in a moment, her perfect world, was torn apart,
A glance so evil, a stare full of lust,
Her vivid little dreams, he did turn into dust.

Her voice full of pain, she did indeed shout,
But not a soul came along, to help her out,
He wounded not her body, he wounded her mind,
Only her shattered life, did he leave behind.

In only a moment, her smile did disappear,
Her life once full of hope, was now always in fear,
A chained life, she now leads, it was once so free,
Her laughter is now gone; now there is only misery.

Memories she cherished, she did lose that day,
No God she believed in, did hear her heartfelt pray,
He still continues, to stalk other angels like her,
Time never healed her sorrow, it only saw her suffer.

My friends, is it not time we unite?
Against devils like him, shall we now fight?
Let us stop them now, before it is too late,
Let us save a child, from such a cruel fate.

The smiles they lost, let us bring them back,
Give them the support, which they feel they lack,
Help them realize, the dreams they once did see,
A little memory for them, to treasure forever happily.

For one smile alone, makes a thousand others.

The picture below, is a prayer. For every little heart which has suffered. May not another heart be wounded like that ever again. Amen.

For a child, for their dream...Let them never be shattered.
Pics: Courtesy DeviantArt and Google Inc.

It is an old poem. Not sure if I have done the cause justice. Just wanted to share with you...


  1. The poem is wonderful,and it does complete justice to the cause as well... :)

    It's beautiful, the way you've put it...

  2. old poem but toooooooo good

    i am not even eligible to comment on ur poems leo...a talented poet as u r
    finest gem in literature

    the poem is really touching.
    hope the world is without such evil mongers who steal smiles from young lips. Wouldn't world be a beautiful place then?

  3. brilliant words for noblest of thoughts :) each smile is indeed good..specially of a child :)

  4. @Leo: i am speechless..beautiful is too small a word for it Vinay...

  5. Of all the crimes in the world, one that ruins innocence is the worst. Belief and hope in those eyes is what keeps the world going on. Inhuman is not the word for it!

  6. i had written a some what similar poem, once upon a time!

    check this out:

    I am not very good at poetry though, you've done it way better, i wonder if i will ever be able to rhyme a poem :(

  7. aparna, to set the record straight, i dont have any eligibility criteria for those who comment on my poem! :D

    thank u for liking it! :)

  8. agreed with whatever u have said rashi..! :)

  9. poetry need not rhyme always asbah! :)

    m on my way to ur blog now, m a bit delayed to read my own comments i guess...


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