January 3, 2009

Healing wounds

I used to think life was all about being happy,
I used to think life was all about a smile.
But that day I knew that it was not true
and you realize this only when you are blue

In life came a point when I wanted to cry
And then came a point when I wanted to die.
But death was not my alley;
and life felt like an empty valley.

Yet there was light
Yet there was hope,
which taught me how to cope.
With time the wounds did heal
And soon the pain, I didn’t feel
I believe a new dawn will always rise
and happiness surely comes in disguise


  1. jack this is the most beautiful poem written by u till date...straight frm the heart..so simly u told so much...i believe its true..time does heal a lot of wounds n make u forget the pain in the process. eventually u get wht was there for u..soooo keep trying

  2. life is all abt hopes nd difficulties.....getting ahead in life is best.....there wil always be hope........nice post bro

  3. hey .. that was one of the best poem i read in this new year ... WoW !!! just lovely .. the pic suits the poem so much !!

  4. @nav
    hey thanks bro, i guess poems are usually direct from heart :)
    yes you got it right times the best healer

  5. @ ste
    thanks ste, in the end its only hope that keeps us going
    hope for the best prepare for the worst :)

  6. @ pretty me
    oh thank you, but best is still to come lolzz, there's always room for improvement i guess

  7. Very nice composition and very true to an extent.

  8. Sry for being late Jack..!!

    Man, wat a beautiful poem....
    A new dawn will always rise.. :)


  9. Let happiness come to us
    and make our lives prosperous and bright.
    Let us all come out of this darkness,
    as He said, "Let there be light!"

  10. Forgot to mention: Very nice composition Jack ... :)

  11. @arjun
    thanks man..ya after every night thers a new dawn..

  12. @tan
    thanks tan
    well in times of darkness all we need is patience to wait for light
    once that time passes theres surely a new dawn

  13. nicely written jack....
    loved the last two lines....


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