January 6, 2009

Evil Mind!!.....

As they were leaving the school premises,he spotted a group of students discussing over some issue.Milap wanted to be a part of the discussion.He was excited to see his friend Srikanth in that group.
"go away Milu," Srikanth tried to send Milap for once.
Milap wanted to know what they were doing.By then ,they all were just 15 year old.
"Where are you going? take me with you," he requested his friend to take him with them.

"Common ,we are going to see something that you shouldn't," Srikanth said to Milap.

Srikanth indicated that they were going to watch some porn movies.For few minutes,the gang waited there for a while.

Finally they took Milap with them.
"Movie ka naam bata naa,"Milap was excited and was eagerly waiting to see the movie.

"Reshma ki Jawani," Srikanth said with a straight face.

The name Reshma buzzed into Milaps ears and he blushed for once.Reshma is a popular porn star in India.

They soon entered the theatre.Milap was amongst the top grade students.One could never expect him to do such evil things.The movie started and Milap stared at Reshma.His mouth was wide open after seeing Reshma's erotic performance.He never knew that Srikanth was a jack of all trades.The same night he could not sleep.He was getting such erotic dreams with Reshma.The next week ,Srikanth gave him few porn cd's.

The same year his semester marks dipped an all time low of 59% from 92 % the previous sem.

Few weeks later he wanted to see more porn movies.He now started asking for porn CD's from his friends.He got addicted to the same.

His marks started falling down and his interest towards studies gradually reduced.

He was addicted to porn.....
Thanks to friends like Srikanth who ruined him...

Currently he is browsing www.$%$%$%$%%$%$%.com

Please dont fall prey to bad friendship.Try to make friends of your own calibre and own category.Dont make friends like Srikanth.

Pour in your views? what should Milap do now?


  1. Peer pressure is a hard thing to avoid!

  2. what should he do?? realize what is holding him back and leave that... leave that friendship which has made him what he is....

  3. Umm as far as I can see here.. he forced them to take him with them.. why blame someone else when he got tempted!

  4. Hi Mr. Good Samaritan,

    Are you giving up social life and moving towards some holy place? Himalayas? Mecca? Kashi? Where?

    I always wanted someone to come up and spread messages for the information of the mass and in public interest ... well, I cannot do so - I'm a bit, like - will not do so - type ... Good that Stephen has taken this step ...

    C'mon, lets encourage him and lend our support to him in his mission ...

    I do not know what Milap should do (probably he should get married asap), but I would like you to carry on Ste...


  5. And I would like to add:

    A Man is known by what he does and what he does not. If you want to run on fire, you will - it depends on what you want ... Its about control - self control ...

    I do not blame Srikanth ... He tried to keep Milap away, even for once - but Milap did not keep away ... who's fault?

    Whatever has happened, is for good - done! Now, if he realizes that he has to come out of it - he would; if he thinks he would propel even with it, let him do so; but if he thinks that he would continue with this and to hell with studies, then its a problem and supervisors should interrupt!

    There is a character in Ramayana - Indrajeet, the son of Ravana, who won (jeet) against Indra, the King God. The name has a different meaning. It means, one who has won over his Indriyas(senses). If you have triumphed over your senses, whatever you do, you will excel in life and will be happy always! For then, you would know what you have to do as well as, what you can keep on doing along side... Its up to you and your thought process! Its totally up to Milap now, how he deals with it… at his age, one should make sure that a supervisor, whoever it is, should intervene and tell him right from wrong … then again, its Milap, who needs to take the call – which will leave him a boy or make him a man and modify him for the rest of his life!

  6. wats ur percentage Ste..?? ;) lolz

    I dont know what he shld do... All these are common attractions of the age and ppl who have control over themselves will not see this as a problem as much as it would make a 92% drop down to 59%...

    A social awareness campaign uh..!! Good good.... Keep it comin...


  7. what he should do? get married! true. this logic answer is the utmost illogical when it comes to social ethics and values. A guy of 15/16 can not get married. (my question of the late is, who said so?). Yes, he is unable to support a wife, and although he should get married, he cant.

    15 year old is a delicate age and at 15 you cant really decide whats good for you and whats not. Tan asked who's fault is this? i will say that much part of the blame is upon his parents, in your teens you not only need guidance but also support, a listening ear, a shoulder to cry, to help yourself through the peer-pressure. it is late, but not much late, honestly, with will he can come out of it, i hope he and all those do! amen.

    Another most important thing that decides the good and bad relates to religion, your dogma, which helps you with the 'what to do now' part. what I practice, according to my believe, there are two ways to live a chaste life. Get Married (Nikah) or fast (roza). so, i am fasting now. This world is a bad place!

  8. I think its time to start a anti porn blog!!! all of ur recent post are around this topic ;) hehe.. Good posts ste.. ya bad company brings bad things.. keep it up



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