January 18, 2009

Chandni Chowk to China : Movie Review

The curtains finally rose on the all hyped Chandni Chowk to China which released yesterday the 16Th January worldwide. CC2C is an movie with an sincere and desperate attempt to tickle the funny bone, but... it fails miserably. This movie Directed by Nikhil Advani goes impactless on the audience like his previous directorial venture Salaam-E-Ishq in 2005. Now at that point you can actually feel a lot better after watching Salaam-E-Ishq because of its music unlike CC2C whose music is pretty much ordinary.

CC2C's protagonist Siddhu(Akshaye Kumar) is a petty vegetable cutter at a food stall at Chandni Chowk owned by Dada(Mithun Chakraborthy) who's more like a father figure to Siddhu, who was brought up by him after being abondoned as a baby . Siddhu is innocent yet dumb,desperate to earn money and become rich, attempts some really weird things right from buying Lottery Tickets to seeking the help of astrologers and Palm readers to try change his luck. Fortunately or Unfortunately for him, he's recognized as an reincarnated Chinese warrior and taken to China to fight for the people against Hojo (Gordon Liu). And how circumstances lead to one another transforming him into a figher is something to watch out for. In this very country he comes across the twin sisters Sakhi and Suzy(Both played by Deepika Padukone) who have their own story recipe to be added into the already screwed up CC2C story dish.

2009 for Bollywood has definitely started off on a real bad note with CC2C totally disappointing the audience and not even living up to half the level of its expectations. CC2C is clearly dumb, illogical and funny is parts. What were the Sippy's Production House thinking when he approved of such a crap script from Nikhil Advani. After this movie, it really makes you wonder on the fact - did Nikhil Advani actually make KHNH. To top off such a bad movie is that "Warner Bros" are the distributors for this movie, that too first time in Bollywood. Don't think they'll come back again. For once, The promos of CC2C are far better than the full length movie. Music of the movie again going unnoticed and has a reason for it. Shankar-Ehsaan-Loy, extremely disappointing music which is not even close to Rock On!!.

But you cannot really take this off from Akshaye Kumar, he's extremely hilarious but only in parts. And watching only these parts of the movie, you actually feel like sitting through the complete movie. Deepika Padukone does justice to her role completely,acting out well both as Sakhi and Suzy. What can an actor or an actress probably do.. when the script itself is filled with such flaws. Can't believe Shriram Raghavan has written the screenplay of CC2C after the movie like Jhonny Gaddar which was an absolute perfection in the screenplay section.

I heard Akshaye Kumar saying in one of his interview's- "Leave your brains at home when you come watch CC2C". After watching CC2C, i seriously wished "I should have left everything at home before watching, or even probably stayed back at home totally".

I'll go with 4 out of 10 for Nikhil Advani's CC2C.
Ten Thumbs down for all the unnecessary hype.

You can let go this movie for the weekend.

Probably be satisfied reading the other movie reviews on my page.


  1. Yeah...even I heard that it's just OK..

  2. i actually couldnt agree more with u.

    it sucked... big time!

    i got convinced akshaye really was a macchhar in his last birth and not any warrior lieu shang

    Aparna wasted 200 bucks on it...and she wants her money back!!! :(

  3. poor u aparna!! :0
    i got a free ticket!! so i guess.. all i wasted was just my precious time!

  4. that was a well written critic !! plz continue the good work here :) n thanks fr confirming my intution fr ds movie ..

  5. Oh, thanks a ton for helping me in saving my money!!

    Good compilation..keep posting here.



  6. Never did I intend to go for this movie and you just proved me right :)

    I'm just waiting for DevD and going for slumdog on Friday!! YIPPEEE! Im hoping I wont be disappointed..I suddenly like Abhay Deol after Oye Lucky!

  7. @ rashi...u should watch slumdog dear

    a worth-watching movie it is.

    my recommendation...everyone should watch it

  8. it isnt gud

    trust me .....dnt waste ur money guys

  9. its not good...! :D

    aparna, ask akshaye for refund..! :)


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