January 4, 2009


This one's for my mom...

माँ..... ममता की मूरत,
माँ..... इस दिल की चाहत,
माँ..... भगवान का रूप,
माँ..... सुखों की धूप,
माँ..... प्यार का सागर,
माँ..... खुशियाँ भरे आकर,
माँ..... दे सही सीख,
माँ..... कर दे सब कुछ ठीक,
माँ..... के बिन जीवन अधूरा,
माँ..... कर दे आकर पूरा,
माँ..... के बिन जीवन में अँधेरा,
माँ..... ही तो है सब कुछ मेरा,
माँ..... कर दे सब कुछ सही,
माँ..... के जैसा कोई नही!!!!!!!!

Love you lots, Mom!!! You mean the world to me....!
Dedicated to all the mothers... Mothers are those angels who shower us with unconditional love and care, through thick and thin they are always there!!!!


  1. gud gud gud!! wow...aaj hi v wer talkin bout 'something' which u wanted to b like ur mom n i wanted to b like my brother!! n u wrote a poem on mom...cool!
    but i hav already written for my bro...hehe..

  2. While reading the poem I was wondering what possible comment could I give for it. The topic you have written on is one of the dearest and fond ones for me as also your writing is brilliant and what I could I say when you and most of the people out there already know all of this?

    Then, I saw yr comment about how mothers are angels and are through thick and thin. You know what the best part of my mum is? Its that I never have to tell her anything she already knows..She is my guarding angel, the voice of my conscience. She is my support, my role model and my strength. I can say all this knowing she is beside me beaming :P. My mother and I arent bonded by the traditional love shared by 2 people. Our love is truly out of the world !!!

  3. very true and heartfelt :)

  4. masterfully written mona...
    a topic close to my heart... well done...

  5. I could think of the Song from DASVIDANIYA - Meri Maa, Mumma ...

    So true you are ... good kid ;)

  6. oh its in hindi and i cant read :( give a transliteration Mona? please?


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