January 20, 2009

2 Point Someone!! 4

Note- All characters in the story are fictitious. Though we have used some real names, its just intended for fun. So no hard feelings.:) And thanks to Ste for the cartoon.

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RJ ran and caught hold of Princi Balan’s other leg so tight that Mr.Balan tripped. Sandeep Balan had a great fall. Mr.Balan was 6'3" tall and could not get up at once.Both RJ and Ste pulled him and finally Sandeep got up. Ste offered him a glass of water and grinned giving him a display of all his 32 teeth.

"As I said you both are suspended for 2 weeks," the principal asked the boys to leave for once.
An idea struck in Ste's mind.
"Sir,you look smart and handsome like Rajnikant," he said with a big smile on his face.

"Really,how does Mr.Rajnikant looks like?," the princi asked Ste. RJ was laughing like crazy.

"You look like Rajni without makeup ," Ste said and RJ's laughter reached its peak.
"Rajni without makeup, man I could not image ," RJ whispered to Ste's ears.
Ste smiled and controlled himself.

"Sir,if you act in movies ,then I am damn sure you will beat Rajni's feat," Ste said with a straight face. Mr.Sandeep Balan blushed and his brown face turned red. Sandeep was looking at the ceiling with some feelings.RJ was sure that he dreaming and dancing with 2 or 3 girls around him.

"Sorry,Sir,forgive us for last time," Ste said to the principal. The sweet words of Ste changed the hearttrending remarks and comments of the princi .Mr.Balan allowed the boys to attend the class.

They both fell on his knees once again ."What are you doing?," Mr.Balan jumped two steps behind."Taking Ashirwad Sirr!!,"they both smiled.

"Yays," they both screamed as they came out of the Princi's office.
"hahaha,Princi and Rajni without make up,well said Ste," RJ patted on Ste's shoulder for his funny comments .

It was the break time. Prats,Kajal,Sweta, Aarthi and Asbah had gone to play hide and seek .Anurag and Jack had gone to the canteen to get some cold drinks.When RJ and Steentered the classroom,the whole class was empty.Only then they realized that it was lunch break.

RJ was feeling hungry."Butterflies in my stomach man," he screamed .
"Lets plan an attack on Prats Parathas or Aarthi's Idli dosa," Ste winked at RJ."Naa,man I want some thing different," Arjun could smell some thing.

Like Jerry mouse, he finally reached the place from where the delicious smell was coming.RJ touched the pink bag and Ste stopped him."Damn ,thats Kajals lunch box," Ste warned RJ and told him not to take risk. "I don't care ,"RJ said and opened the bag.It was a pink colour bag and "The Pink Orchid" was written on it.He opened the box and screamed " Yummy ,Sandwich,".He literally swallowed each and every peice.He didn't even bother to ask Ste.

Now ,RJ was getting hiccups.Ste opened Prats bag and pulled out the big 2 ltr Fanta bottle from it."Omg,Prats carrying 2 ltr Fanta," Ste whispered to RJ.

RJ drank all the juice leaving behind the empty bottle. Kajal and the other girls entered the class like a girls volleyball team.Kajal was searching for her lunch box,but RJ had left nothing for her to eat.He later apologised to Kajal and she forgived him. Soon later Prats, Ste,RJ and Kajal became friends.

"Whats the next lecture?," Anurag asked the girls.
"Computer," said Sweta.

Few minutes later ,the computer sir arrived.

The Computer Sir was a 5'7" tall man with long golden hairs.He was a combo pack of Michael Jackson and Bappi Lehri. He was wearing gold ornaments like Bappi daa . One could atleastsee around 10 gold chains around his neck."Some is rich ,eh!!," Ste muttered.

"Hello ,guys ,this is Riversoul sir for you,"

"Sir ,Are you from England," Asbah asked him.

"No ,dear ,I am from Bengaluru, so 100% Indian ," Riversoul sir smiled.

"How come your name is Riversoul?," Anurag and Akansha asked the professor.

"People say that when I was young ,I was the only soul to swim in a river and hence they started calling me Riversoul," the professor smiled

"Which River ?," Ste and RJ started screaming from behind.

"Shhhhhhh,Btw my real name is Siddharth Riversoul and I am going to teach you Computer Programming," Prof Riversoul said to the class.

The class left for the computer lab.Prof. Riversoul was going to teach them Computer Programming.
"Lets learn how to write a program," the professor said.

"Whats a program?," Sir asked the class.But there was no reply from any one.

"Whats the program?," he asked once again.Again there was no reply from the class.RJ thought for a while and soon removed the Lays waffer packet from his bag and waved at the sir."This is a program," he said.

"Whatt?,"Riversoul sir was confused for a while. "In the Lays ad ,Saif Ali Khan said that this is a program," RJ grinned.

Every one laughed at this joke.Even one could see Riversoul sir laughing like crazy. While he was laughing ,his mouth was wide open leading to an open exhibition of his 7 gold capped teeth.

"Gold Jewellery shop in his mouth man,"Ste was shocked for a while.

"We can kidnap him one day and pluck all his 7 gold capped teeth ," RJ said to Ste.

Riversoul sir was teaching some thing different which was not syllabus oriented.Prats got annoyed for once and she said that he was teaching something else.With this , Riversoul sir was embarrased and asked Prats to teach the class.

Prats taught everything about 'how to write a program?', 'what are macros and function calls?,' etc.

The same moment RJ's eyes grabbed attention of a brand new mouse.He was looking at the mouse for a while.He had a plan of stealing the mouse and keyboard. Prats was good in mind reading and she thought of playing a prank on RJ.

"RJ, I want you to write a program for addition of 2 numbers," Prats called RJ at front.

Ste soon pushed him to the front and started laughing like a mad."Go and teach us ,guruji ," Ste couldn't control his laughter.


  1. yayyyyy i am the first one to comment...
    this time my sandwiches were stolen..but no worries i got great friends eventually.. :D

    i hope this series never ends anytime soon..keep coming with a next chapter of the series..

  2. Ok.. first of all .. good job Ste..
    Secondly, I'm disappointed that when you stole the lunch-box and Kajal came to know about it, you all became friends and left me alone!!

    Jokes apart,

    Keep continuing this series.



  3. lol...Riversoul Prof.....
    and Guruji ..Rotfl :D

  4. nice yaar
    riversoul sir is great and combination of bappi da and michael jackson..

    and the princi looking like rajanikant without make up..

    u guys are doing very good job

  5. Riversoul and Bappi Lahiri and Micheal Jackson... what a combination!!! Hehe... ;)
    But hey remember I am supposed to be bunking... how did I reach there to ask Riversoul why his name was Riversoul?

    So RJ is going to teach Programming... the ball is in Arjun's court now...

  6. ROTFL,Now..i really wanna hear "Yays" from Mr Balan MBA..
    Good going guys..still laughing !!

  7. Help!
    My beautiful golden teeth are in grave danger!
    Hey principal! Mr Sandeep!

    Awesome series, guys!
    Don't you dare stop!

  8. Prof. Tan speaks:

    forgived him >> forgave him
    hairs >> hair (Hair is plural)
    Bappi Lehri >> Bappi Lahiri

    "Hello ,guys ,this is Riversoul sir for you," >> Who said this? If It was told by the teacher himself, then he may not have addressed himself as Riversoul Sir ...

    Btw >> ??? :(

    "Whatt?," >> What?

    'what are macros and function calls >> On the very first class Prats taught these things?? OMG!! She was teaching wayward ... lol

    don't, couldn't, shouldn't are not written in written english ...

    Well, with all these above sorts, I would like to tell one thing to both you guys, the writers. Please do not write for the sake of writing. We await your Series of 2 point someone and would like to get the latest addition at the earliest; but we would like to see it happening and more conclusive. A good narration does not mean that English Grammar can be overlooked ... fun and funky touch is very important, but not at the cost of the literature ... this does not add to the cause of the Lounge - am I not right mates??

    Please take some time to review and revise a write before posting, or even after posting ... Would like a better preparation next time Stephen ... hmmm ...

    @ Akansha
    Good Point Indeed!! Stephen, what is this??

  9. Prats,Kajal,Sweta, Aarthi and Asbah had gone to play hide and seek......haha.. got a giggle out tat....

    Rj ate kajal's biscuits n now kajal's sandwiches ....poor gal... lolz...

    Prats had a 2 litre Fanta bottle in her bag..?? hehe

    lolz on rich, Mr. Riversoul...

    It was fun, ste...!! We'll give this series a small gap now... :) :)


  10. thanks evryone

    A good narration does not mean that English Grammar can be overlooked ..
    - i agree and u have said i before i guess.....well i want u to understand that this is just done for the sake of doing...this is nt a series or something done by an individual....i admit that i didnt bother to read it again before or after posting....but it doesnt means dude.....


    "whattt??," is somewht in dialogue sense dude.....what is normal ...whattttt ....ur expressing something ....thru gestures or like that...

    abt bapppi lehiri or lahiri ....i am sorry ....coz i didnt knew the last words ...

    and abt prats ...i had already mentioned in previous part that prats scored 100% marks in 10th and u can imagine that shez a scholi ./...so wht else can u expect from a scholar type girl :p

    offcourse shez gonna teach u macros and function call...thank god i didnt wrote abt template programming... lol

    akansha...some one who bunks class is nt supposed to attend lectures again or wht...haha ...this is lounge school or college to be precise lol:p

    and tan thanks a lot sir for pointing out mistakes..but u shud understand that ... under quotes statements indicate dialogues and they directly represent the way the person is speaking ok verbally.....
    The dialogues in quotes

    so things like btw, whatt ?? can be considered..
    thanks a lot for ur valuable comments tan.....will see thru it next time onwards....

  11. Tan, thanks for pointing out those grammatical errors.... Gr8 when there's someone who can point out one's mistakes.. Thanks Tan.. :)

    I have a few doubts- Bappi lahiri is a name... There's no grammar for names as far as i know... They are hindi names and as long as it sounds similar in English, there is no right or wrong.....

    The dialogues or the lines written under double quotes should sound as real as possible.. Even slangs are used...It need not adhere to grammar rules... This is to make the conversation and hence the story sound as real and relative as possible....

    @ "Hello ,guys ,this is Riversoul sir for you," >> Who said this? If It was told by the teacher himself, then he may not have addressed himself as Riversoul Sir ... I have no problem with this sentence again.. Usually teachers in school (11th in this case) do announce themselves that way....

    Anyways, here i'm not trying to defend Stephen or something like that, but just thought of sharing what i know was right... These discussions can only make us better... Thanks Tan...

  12. Good you drank the fanata .. i dnt like it .. but dnt u dare touch my maaza :P

    :D :D
    loved this post .. specially me teaching LOLz !!

  13. haha... wish i had studied in a school or college like this:)


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