December 28, 2008


Wait a little bit more.
I promise I will soon change.
Soon my feelings will die,
and my words will mean nothing anymore.
My breaths will be too slow.
My thoughts will be engulfed in insensitivity.
And then I will cut myself,
but blood won't come out anymore.
The wounds will remain unhealed.
Wait for that time,
when my feelings will have passed away.
Your hurting words won’t echo anymore,
when I will be lifeless,
and nothing will affect me.
Have pity on me,
and please let me die.
Then you can burn me, sear me,
choke me or bruise me,
mar me, kill me.
I promise I won’t utter a word.
No tear will fall from my stagnant eyes.
You just wait for some time.


  1. Oh God..!! Thats some telling..!!

    One can feel that pain... Very well written buddy..!!


  2. wow wow adi!!
    too gud..but den its it has to b gud :)


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