December 3, 2008

Twisted Dreams

When night deepens
to pitch black shades,
the dreams arise
in my smoky mind..
in shades of gray,
i see myself with you
hidden from each other
in wraps of hatred
for the love that once was,
for the wilted cares,
and the dead dreamland..

The mornings bring,
a smile to my face,
as i see you in my arms
i know you dreamed the same
coz we both pretend
to love each other still
to still care like before
but yearning move on !!


  1. It got me to say..."Wow"...
    Amazing work I must say..touching

  2. thanks Shruti .. Appreciate your read :)

  3. damn it... since i am so much in black i adored this piece. I love this phrase: Night deepens. i have used and re-used it again and over.

    and the lines in italic :)

    the end is awesome shruti!! wow !! breathtakingly beautiful..

  4. thanks ani :)

    @ .a. : Glad you liked my work ,,,


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