November 23, 2008

Unceremonious Return.

Hello, Hi, Asalamualikum (May Peace be upon you) people.

Let me start with the latest, Birthday ste =) so proud on you.

So finally the lost traveler found her way back, I had to in the end.. just that it took me coupla weeks.
Winter has arrived, autumn leaves have begun to loom and the nice chilly breezes are loaded to send shiver down the spine. Wardrobes are evacuated and re-arranged with shawls and sweaters here, the frost are weaving myriad of patterns on the window panes and fog has started to appear. A large mug of coffee and chocolate are your favorite beverages now and the color of mountains are deep blue.

With the change of season, your routine and choices change. I wonder if the emotions turn cold too? No, I think.. Not.

Yes, I have been away, went off without notice. Not as such a big deal or something, just emotional turmoil, I thought I would rather isolate myself from everywhere just to find my way back to the world of people.. striving hard to.

And oh! Found a plethora of posts to-be-read. I promise to read and respond to all InshAllah. (If Allah wills) and new members are here too.. wow!

And hey ste, how rude, how could you do such injustice by Not Selecting Sandeep's name in the poll for member of month? I think we should have a 'man of the month' award permanently dedicated to him.

Anyway, some one welcome me please? I have stories to share.. I hope to start posting soon, Also, I have this friend, Insya.. she's left her email ste, Please consider her..

And confetti anyone? Expresso? Anything? *sniff*


  1. oyeeeeeee welcome back!!!!! :) :)

    now now...where have u been???

    nice write up btw....n ya dat idiot ste didn't include sandeep's name!! of d month...sure sure..why not!!

    so u doin a lot of readin i can see.......gud...clearin backlogs!

    so..why were u gayab??

  2. Told you na :P needed isolation... pata nai!

    but then i found out I have two world:

    1) Real world of virtual friends
    2) Virtual world of Real friends.

    Hence back :) see?

  3. oh oh......real n virtual...!!

    but we need frnds...i cant imagine life w/o them...its like dead end!!
    gud to see u bck :) ...isolation is killing!!

  4. welcome back islex.....

    sandeep had askd me nt to include his name in this months member of month......hey ur frnd hasnt given her email id yet,,, i can ivite her only aftr i get her id

    ty for ur wishes

  5. life comes to a stnad still if ther s no change!
    emotions have wings ha?

  6. oh, thanks ste, I love your dp. and happy birthday :)

    deeps, yes, there are phases like that, I am over the worst one finally :)

  7. islexxxxxxxxxxxxx......subhanallah subhanallah.....yeh kaun aaya....u hv no clue hw happy i am to see u back here....u will get a nice punch if u leave like this once again....idiot....missed u....back wid a bang ye ye ye....unjinx unjinx more vanishing....n head to my blog straightaway....its been waiting fr ur comments since eternity....

  8. hey even my blog is waiting for ur comments yaar

    nt fair
    and ty islex........oh ye ah sandeep was missing u big times ... only i can feel tht....poor sandeep

  9. ohh yaaa...even i must add how badly twin ws missing u asbah!!! he must be on the cloud infinity rite now!!! hai na twin?? ;)
    he always asked bout u...each day every time!!! :P
    i wont really be able to tell u howwwwwww muchhhhh!!
    ask him only!! :D

  10. Omy God! omy God... i know i know people :P

    yeah yeah... kanez hazir hay janab :)

    hehe pri, ty for conveying it!

  11. I decided to venture in right at 24th, ste's birthday.. but then i came a day early.. couldnt resist actually :P

  12. haha never mind....islex.....i was born on 24th november at 12.25 am.....troubled my mom at mid night lol...:p...

  13. awful.. so you're the trouble maker since then! coulda guess :p


  14. hahaha :p arey lol my mom told me that i w as born at that time and also the hospital records lol :p...btw i was born one week earlier before the actual date :p ....which was 2nd december ,1987

  15. what the frogggggggg!

    you cheater... started cheating right away? han?


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