November 9, 2008

Some one I loved.......

I was 7 years old and she was just 2 years old when I met her for the first time in my home town.She lived with my grand mother.Even her family members were living in my granny's place.I was excited for the first time when I met her.I really loved the way she smiled.Although she was 2 years old,I started liking her.I started treating her like my pet.I used to kiss her at times and she used to lick my cheek as she was just a small kid.One day ,during our stay at my granny's place,I missed her .I believed that she must be roaming around with her other friends.But to vain,I couldn't find her any where.The same day,my mom made a delicious mutton curry.I liked it as I believed that my mom is an expert in cooking.I asked about my friend.I was shocked when I came to know that I was eating my friend.I mean to say,it was the black lamb .If you got it wrong ,then I am not responsible :p .She was adorable.But ,she was offered to god.So,we had to cook it and all.I really felt annoyed that day when I came to know that.I never spoke to my mom for a week or so.Now,after 13 years I remember her.She used to be my best friends.

I remember my best friend "Kitty",the black lamb


  1. initial lines padk k main samjh gyi thi k pet hai koi! :P
    u ate ur pet!! shit! dont tell me its true!!?

  2. oh my god!! shit!!

    tu apne pehle pyaar ko khaa gaya!! hey bhagwan!! :P

  3. haw!! u ate ur i won't blame u..
    not ur fault..but next time..ask before u eat..

  4. :p


    well yes i ws just 7 yrs old

    i never knew ki that was anm offering :p

  5. hahaha!!

    good one! yeah i got that too, i thought its about a kitten, but eating... i thought chicken, but it turned out a lamb :P


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