November 15, 2008

Member of Month - October - - Sandeep Balan

I take this opportunity to announce Sandeep Balan as the member of the month for the 3rd time .

Here are the result,

Sandeep 28 (70%)
Stephen 7 (17%)
Mona 6 (15%)
The Lover 6 (15%)
Priyanka 6 (15%)

I invite the new members .The Votings for Member of Month - November are open.

PS:Sandeep Balan's name will not be considered for the member of month for November .

We can have debate topics as well...what say and we need active participation from all members ...


  1. congrats twin!! hat trick!! yippiiiee... :)

    hey ste...why hav u not included sandeep's name???? u idiot!!!!!

    oops..i got 2 votes already..mujhe kisne diye..? :o :D

  2. kya daal

    thats nt done man

    this is nt cricket and voh australia nahi haii
    stupid idiot.....i will include his name next time for sure...ahahha

    congrats twin

    hpe the best wins

  3. abey idiot...first of all dont call him twin........second, name daal...darpok! competiton easy karta hai..nalayak...hehehe.. :P

  4. haha idiot

    wait for results

    hez inactive here,,, and u expect me to put his name thre

  5. Congrats Sandeep..!!

    Wats the criteria for this?? How many posts should have been posted??


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