November 3, 2008

The Legend of Sandeep Malan - 6

(This post is not intended to hurt any one)

"Chal baag yahaan se",said Ramu kaka.
Sandeep wanted to prove his identity.Ramu kaka refused to accept him as Sandeep Malan.Sandeep insisted and later on he flashed his I card to the peon.Later on he allowed Sandeep inside the office.No one in office could recognise Sandeep Malan."Hello ,uncle ", Shruti wished Sandeep considering him to be a senior officer."Heya Oldie!!," Mona winked at Sandeep.Sandeep was amazed and surprised .Now Sandeep's new blonde look worked very well.No one in office recognised him excluding Asbah.Sandeep introduced himself as Sandeep Kanth.Shruti,Mona ,and every one were busy doing their work and so was Sandeep.It was 2 pm ,Ramu came up with a news which he considered as a flash news for time being."Stephen sir is quitting ," he smiled.This news was a special news for everyone for they considered their boss
as a hitler.Sandeep used to call him Indian hitler.Ramu further told everyone about the urgent meeting that was supposed to be conducted at 3 pm.He urged all office members to be present.It
was 3 sharp and all office people reached the seminar hall.Sandeep was the last to reach."I guess ,I'm getting old,"Stephen D'silva said."Abhey budda," Sandeep would have said ,but he didn't.Stephen D'silva said that he would like to take rest and her daughter would taking charge as the next managing director of "Airvoice Telcomms".Hearing this every one pretend to
act as if they were sad,but in real they all were happy."I would like to invite my daughter Priyanka,"he said pointing to a beautiful lady who was standing near the door.Every one looked at Priyanka.She was tall like her dad Stephen and fair and gorgeous like her mother Parul.Priyanka came to India after completing her MBA from Howards University.She looked like a foreigner although she was an Indian."Sahii Item!!!,"Sandeep said to himself.His eyes could only see her beautiful face.Stephen introduced her daughter as a brilliant child who had done her schooling in London and who lived with her grand parents.Her younger brother TJ was doing his MS from the University of Illianos."Salle Richie Rich,"Sandeep muttered."Thank you dad,"Priyanka wished and she hugged her dad.It was a proud moment for Mr.Stephen D'silva to see his daughter Priyanka working for his organisation.Priyanka could not see her dad getting emotional ,so he asked her paa to leave .She could not see tears shedding from her dads eyes.She was emotionally attached to her dad since childhood.TJ was fond of his mom Parul.He was a Momma's child."Bhaari Item!!,"Sandeep whispered to Asbahs ears.Asbah gave him a quick punch from behind and winked.Mr.Stephen soon left the place."Junior hitler,"Shruti murmured to Mona's ears."Hope ,she isn't",Anila said to them.Priyanka asked all staffs to introduce themselves.Mona,Shruti,Asbah,Rajesh,Anila and every one had introduced themselves.Sandeep Kanth was feeling weird.Although Sandeep was one year elder to Priyanka,with his new look he was looking like her grandfather."Hey, Uncle!!",Priyanka addressed Sandeep."eich Uncle!!,"Sandeeps brows went high.He could't help as he looked like an Uncle.Asbah could not stop laughing.She started calling him Uncle as well."Sandeep Kanth from Trichur,"He
replied."Shez a hot chick,"he said to Asbah and this time he got a kick from Asbah.Sandeep started liking his new boss.He hated Stephen ,but he admired his daughter Priyanka.Sandeep is not new to having female bosses.He was aware of Nisha Malhotra.She was the one who kicked him out from"Utel Telcomm",where he worked before.He was said to have a crush on her and finally got kicked out of the company.Sandeep considered himself as unlucky.He preferred staying away from Priyanka."Bye guys!!",Priyanka left.It was 7.30 pm and Sandeep was enjoying the Rakhi Sawant show."Yeh toh bataaa ,dekhta hai tu kahaa,"his cell phone rang."Hey Mally ",She yelled and informed him that she would be coming in few minutes time.Sandeep decided to play a prank on her."Ding Dong",the door ball rang."Bhoo!!",Sandeep shouted.Richa
was shocked."Mummy ,save me ,bachao ," she screamed for help."Its me Sandeep,"he said and grabbed her inside .He kissed her on her lips."Leave me ,"she said.Richa was still confused with his new look."What is this for ?," she asked him."Stylee!! aing!!,"he said with a typical Rajni ishtyle.He wanted to make love with her .He slowly reached her and caressed her hairs from behind.He touched her lips slowly and took her to his bedroom.He laid her on the bed.Richa was getting excited.He went close to him."Ding Dong",the door bell rang."Sir,yeh achhi scent hai sir,"the sales man once again came to trouble Sandeep.He refused to buy any products and send him away.He quickly rushed to the bedroom to continue from where he stopped.He slowly reached her lips."Ding Dong",the door bell rang.The newspaper boy had come to collect
his newspaper bill."Dusra time nahi mila kya,"Sandeep hurried and settled the newspaper bill.He reached her lips once again."Ding Dong",bell rang once again.This time it was the ilkman.Sandeep
settled him the milk balance.This time he got irritated.He waited near the door for few minutes.After 10 minutes,he went inside the bedroom.Richa was waiting for him."Come naa jaldi,"she yelled.He soon came and tried reaching her lips again ."Ding Dong",bell rang.This time it was the post man."Kya hai?",Sandeep asked."Sir ,Diwali Bhakshish,"the post man grinned.Sandeep handed him 100 bucks.Sandeep went to the bedroom to continue from where he had left.He tried reaching her lips once again."Yeh to bata dekhta hai tu kahaa," this time his phone rang.Asbah was giving him missed calls as usual."Sale sab stupids hai," he said to himself.He went to the bedroom.Sandeep touched her pretty eyes."You know what people used to call us in college," she asked Sandeep."What! ?," he asked."Black and white TV " and she giggled."Common ,Richi," he touched her lips.He fondled her hair and kissed on her cheek."Ding Dong,"the door bell rang.He rushed to the door and could see his fat neighbour Mrs.Shakuntala.Richa got irritated."Some other day,sweetie!!,"she said to Sandeep.Sandeep was dissapointed."You changed ur hairstyle,"asked Mrs.Shakuntala.She also asked about Richa.He informed her that she was his girlfriend."YippO!!,Mr.Malan's got a girlfriend,"she screamed .
"Arey baapre!!,"he was vexed.
"How do I get rid of such people," he said.

(PS:not edited.please excuse any grammar mistakes if any)


  1. nice one ste! though not that funny as ur previous tha..
    so tune mujhe role de hi dia!! he he...hmm...not tune pehle bataye the role, unke comparison mein to bahut hi achha role hai..big boss ki beti...he he...

  2. yeah not funny except this part: He went close to him.


    But then i read at the end that it was not edited so i let go!


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