November 10, 2008

The Immortal Detachment

As night fell, you walked out...
Never returned home and left me with my solitude
I waited for you endlessly, thought I'd be happy after all!!
Both of you failed me yet again..and slit my tears..

A pretty picture it was of you,I and you..
I see it once again, blank spaces fill your faces...
Family's just a's lost its shadows...
Whom did you fool behind those closed doors??

My stark memory is reminiscent of a broken home...
Fragile heart pieces and tormenting screams...
My vision is blurred by immortal goodbyes
Who are we?? After all, mere humans...

Marriages are made in Heaven...
Which bullshit is that?? If it was so,
I wouldn't be writing my shattered life here!!
I wouldn't be singing out my wilderness...

If there is You, then there is me too..
Accepting seclusion was never so painful..
But you know, it doesn't hurt anymore..
Coz I've always felt the same way...


  1. "If there is 'You', then there is me too.."

    Are you talking about God in this poem??

  2. No...its not about God..
    its about separated parents

  3. ohhh...that was really sad n touching....very well put into words shruti....i just hope its an imaginary piece an not reality...

  4. @ priyanka
    Thats the saddest part u see..
    I don't write fiction...
    Thanks anyways..

  5. ohhh...dats sooo sad...i can understand how u must b feeling...its so evident from ur heartfelt posts....
    wish u all d happiness shurti.. :)

  6. Awwww its sooo touching..

    It makes so much sense.. "A pretty picture it was of you,I and you.... "
    Finally what goes wrong in the picture.. why does it feel so very different.. oh well..

    "If there is You, then there is me too..Accepting seclusion was never so painful..But you know, it doesn't hurt anymore..
    Coz I've always felt the same way... "

    just lovely

  7. @ priyanka..
    Now i'm stronger than yesterday
    Thanks a lot :)

    @ Ani
    Thanks..have no other words left anymore

  8. @ Shruti

    "Every ending is a new beginning."

    I have, personally, always liked this quote, because it has always been true. :)

  9. @ Vinisha
    Yeah..ur right but u know its difficult to keep on telling urself that when the end doesn't seem to be a new beginning..
    but I still have my hopes and they'll get me through..i'm sure!!

  10. Shu, read the second post hon:

    and well, i have love for you, loads of and *hugs*


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