October 31, 2008

The Legend of Sandeep Malan - 4

(This post is not intended to hurt any one .)

Sandeep now had a BMW ,but unfortunately he never knew how to drive it.He was
experimenting with the gears and accelerator.He believed that he would learn to drive by
his own.He remembered Rajnikanth facing some similar problem in a tamil movie..Sandeep became enthusiastic and took it as a challenge and again started with his Rajni dialogues."Kanna Chumma zuzupi da chellame"(You are nothing in front of me).He was busy studying the car parts with his buttock outside and head popping into the front part of the car.And of suddenhe got a kick on his left butt.Sandeep Malan was annoyed and anxiously looked behind to know which bloody moron kicked him.He turned behind in typical Rajni ishtyle."Abhey teri Maaki....." and he suddenly paused when his lips delivered the extended part of the maaaki word.He was shooked and put to silence when he'd seen Supari bhai giving Supari to him."Kya re Shaana hai kya tuu,bhintukle chintukle saala teri batti bujha du kya teri", Supari bhai was ferocious."Saala .. " and he removed his 2 foot long sword from his bag and chopped his head.

"Mummmmyyyy......enna kaaapaaaatttuuuuu.....bachaaaooooooo"(Mummy ,save me),screamed Sandeep and he got up after his 15 minute sleep.Kantabhai was devoid of everything happening there.She was busy cleaning the bathroom tiles.Sandeep soon got up to see his brand new BMW and to vain he could only see the Maruti 800 and Santro of his neighbours.Only then he felt that Sarah Alexander and Stephen Dsilva beach thing was a dream."Prince in dreams and pauper in real" ,he said to himself.

"What the fuck?", was his first reaction when he realized that it was a dream.Sandeep actually want to meet Supari bhai at Marine point.He was tired after watching Rajnikanth's movie.He was deeply immersed in Rajnikanth's behaviour and style .Is this what they call "Rajnism"?.He checked his watch and was shocked as he had promised to meet supari bhai in 30 minutes time.His nerves and his entire body shivered when he realized that he made Supari bhai wait.He soon left his home without even informing Kantabhai.He hurried and ran out as if wild mad dogs were chasing him from behind.As he left his building gates,the watchman stared at him with a seductive look.Sandeep glanced behind and said "sale gay hai kya tuu," and he continued running as if he was representing India in 100m racing event.He took an autorickshaw and directed the driver to reach marine point within 30 minutes.The driver was confused at first.He believed that this guy looks like a rich man and still he wears dresses like this and he smiled at him.Sandeep could not read his smile and "salle gays hi barein hai is jagah mein" he gave a wicked smile.As soon as he reached the destination,he could see Supari bhai with all his supari's giving him a heroe's welcome."Bhai hum maafi chahta huun," Sandeep was worried expecting a slap from Supari.Supari was outraged when he'd seen Sandeep."Kya re Shaana hai kya tuu,bhintukle chintukle saala teri batti bujha du kya teri".Supari was very angry.As soon as Sandeep heard this statement,he was aware of the consequence.Sandeep bowed his head down so that it may ease Supari bhai's task to chop his head."Aye shane ,kay kartos tuu" Supari gave a strange look.Supari asked him to pay his loan and interests within the next 72 hours and asked him to leave.One could see a sigh of relief sort of expresssion from Sandeep's face.He thanked Supari for the 3 days time and promised him to repay the loan.When he turned around , every one started laughing at him .Even Supari bhai was laughing.Sandeep was happy that all beautiful chicks were smiling and laughing at him.Some traditional desi girls even closed their eyes.Now Sandeep was confused and he was not knowing the reason behind that laughter."Kya hua ?" he asked a little girl standing around."Uncle!!,Where is your pant?" she giggled and her mom took her away from him.Now,Sandeep was feeling embarresed and there was not even a single familiar face to save him.It was a free show to all girls out there and they made much use of this never come opportunity of a guy standing out in public without his pants."Oh know ,Amma..idhu enna "(Oh,Mumma what is this?),Sandeep was terrified with this stupidness.While he was returning back to home ,every one was laughing and gigling at him."Mummy ,see that dark clown ,I wanna play with him",a kid of 4 urged his mom to play with Sandeep.There was no one to help him.

"Sandeep,what is this?", asked Richa.Sandeep never wanted to see Richa under such circumstances.Richa was hanging out at Marine point with her friends.He soon covered his face
suggesting that he was shy.Richa soon handed her duppatta to Sandeep and asked him to wear
it like a lungi.Richa was not happy with this behavior of Sandeep.She gave him 300 bucks
and asked him to go home.

Sandeep could not realize this clumpsy act of his after his building watchman and rickshaw driver laughed at him.He reached his home.The watchman couldn't stop laughing at him.He handed his room key that Kantabhai gave to him.He was feeling angry at himself.

Sandeep Malan took rest and he tuned his TV set to Sun TV.He was stunned when a famous
Rajnikant movie was being shown on the TV channel.It was "Dharmatin thalaivan" where Rajni
forgets his lungi while he goes out of his house and a dog chases him.Sandeep could not stop
laughing after seing it.Only then he realized that some thing similar happened to him.He
then tuned to some good music channel and his lips started watering as he had to see his
favourite Rakhi Sawant with minimal clothes on an item number called "Yaara ishq vishq".He
then tuned to Headlines today to see his favourite news reporter"Avantika Singh".She was
talking on some serious news that rocked the city.

"Man with underwear rocks Marine drive" was the flash news.


  1. "Mummy i wanna play with the dark clown"!!!! lol!!!!! Couldnt have been better dude!!!!cant stop laughing!!

  2. abhe tj ke bacche...tereko haath diya aur tune toh kandha pakad ke kheench liya...grrrrrrrr...grrrrrr...ruk jaa beta tu bhi...

    stephen uncle aka big boss...will get back...will turn this on its head...ruk...

  3. heheeeeeeeeeeehihihooooooohhhhhuhuuuuuuuu...........just rolling out with laughter, gr8 wrk! kp it up!!

  4. shrutiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii....itna mat hans...grrrrr...

    my sis had logged into gmail coz of which my comments came in her name....abhe stephen ruk...pehle to ek baar part 2 main tables turn toh kiye hi they...lagta hain tu sudhra nahi hain...ruk jaa abhi tu bus....

    shruti...save some laughter atleast...he he...hope you read stephens romp in part 2 as well?

  5. hehe sandeep u see tj is my friend [:p]

    dekha abh tujhe toh fir se comedian bana diya meine

    u guess wht

    agle post me tera naam malan se change ho ke kuch aur ho jayega

    really lmao

    it was fun writing this part ...

    how cud u forget ur trousers yaar :p

    yes mr malan
    tu bhi naa sandeep

  6. well mine was over in part 2 ,buty nw its part 4 man

    aur maja aayega part 5 mein

    sandeep now our score is 2 -2 ..u see

    abh toh aur fun factor hai dusre parts mein ..hahaha i was patiently waiting for ur comments man



    now u will opt for a make over in next part

    and that stephen ka merry scene was ur dreams maan

    see even engineers can think and i have proved it once again heheheh

    shruti come back for part 5 as well

    save ur laughter for part 5 too

  7. part 5 is mine...mujhe likhne de...my hands are itching to get back...shruti dont laugh...silence..he he...

    stephen ke bacche...tu ruk ab...tere dreams ki main chutti karta hoon...

  8. hey part 5 is mine

    i am writing part 5 now
    dont spoil the party man...hahahaha

    part 5 is mine ...i will post it now itself

    u wait and read part 5

  9. he he.....i m late.....
    oh my god!! ye ho kya rha hai!! he he.... iss baar ste ne vaat laga di!!

    dis is getting intrstin man!! waitin for part 5!!!

    lets see kaun likhta hai!! he he..

  10. well meine already fir se 1 goal daal dena kaa plan kar diya hai

    will be posting part 5 today


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