July 25, 2009

The Legend of Sandeep Malan - 1

(All characters in this post have nothing to do with those living or dead..)

‘Sir ,please sir , I want leave for just 2 days sir,’ Sandeep asked his boss Mr D’Silva to grant him a leave of 2 days. He was much disappointed with himself as he believed that he has mastered the art of fooling his seniors .In his previous work place at Kolkatta , he was reportedly said to have fooled his bosses many times.He used to make some weird stories and used to roam around with his girlfriend Richa .This work place was a different challenge for him as most of the time he used to scrubb his ass doing some important work .Although he joined “ Airvoice Telecommunications “ with a work experience of 4 years behind his shoulder, he hardly got any respect from his peers.He just made a single friend who used to be like him .She was Asbah Khan from Hyderabad who was a year younger to him.

Sandeep never liked his boss much .At Utel cellular ,he used to work under a female called Nisha Malhotra who had graduated from IIM-B.It was said that Sandeep had a crush on his boss ,and it was one of the reasons why he was kicked out from Utel Cellular,Kolkatta.

‘Why the hell ,do you need a leave ?.’ Sandeep’s boss asked Sandeep.

'Sir,it is 14th June,' he said to his boss.

Tomorrow is 15th June and after that it will be 16th,whats the big deal in it,’ the boss said to Sandeep.

‘Sir ,my best friend’s dad lost his life in major accident at Southern Express highway.He is my best friend and I admire that Uncle very much,’ Sandeep said to his boss.

‘Sir,grant me leave for just 2 days ,’ he added.

‘Well, I appreciate your respect towards your friend and his dad, but this is office,’ the boss said to Sandeep.

Ok ,this is the first time and I am giving you leave just because I believe your words,’ The boss gave him a leave of 2 days.

Sandeep Malan never had any best friends in his real life.All his friends used to back stab him which affected him a lot.He didn’t had any best friends and how could his best friends dad would have met with an accident.

The truth was that on 15th June,Rajnikanth’s much awaited movie called Sivaji’ was getting released.He was already aware that Rajnikanth’s movie had already created big media hype .He was eagerly waiting for this movie since the shooting work had already started.His eyes initially used to be glued to ‘headlines today’ news reporters especially those beautiful girl .Rajnikanth is a popular star icon in India.He was desperately waiting to see Sivaji,Rajnikanth and most importantly Shriya Saran.He went directly to Cine max on 14th june just as he left his office.He went straight to Cine max movie theatre.He was shocked to see the long queue of the superstar fans who were just like him waiting to see Sivaji.He was behind some 800 people.His turn came the next day at 5 am.

This was similar to Ganesh devotees stranded at Lal baugh who wait for a long time just to get a view of Lord Ganesha.Here we can compare the devotees to the fans and Rajnikanth as Lord Ganesha.

He got 2 tickets for the 3pm show .One he kept for himself and one he sold to one of the person standing aside him with double amount.The very next day he was dressed like a groom although he was wearing the same dress .He reached the movie complex at 2.30 pm .He could not wait to see his famous actor.Rajnikanth was like a god to him.The movie finally started,it was Rajnikanth’s entrance where he dances waving his hands here and there just to outperform other dancers.At one point of time ,he even got up from his seat and he danced just like him.

"Rajni Rocks ,' He screamed and clapped just like a normal Rajnikanth fan.

Richa had came for the same show with her friends.

She looked behind to see the person who was creating a mess of that place .She was stunned to see her lover Sandeep Malan.Soon during the breaks she caught hold of him and spoke to him. She tried calling him since past 3 weeks,but Sandeep used to avoid her.He always used to cut her phone calls,so she used to call him Mr.Busy.She asked him to wait outside after the movie.As soon as the movie got over,Sandeep ran outside as if he was in some state of emergency.He wanted to go to his home as quick as possible .He wanted to reach his place before 7 pm.

Bhaiyya ,please jaldi jao naa ,’ He urged the rickshaw driver to accelerate the speed.

Richa was searching for him outside the theatre ,but as usual she was disappointed once again.She wanted to know the reason why he had been avoiding her.

Bhaiyya ,fast,jaldi hai,’ sandeep told the auto rickshaw driver.

'kya saab bathroom lagi hai kya,’ the driver replied back.

Arey vaise hii kuch jaldi hai, jaldi jaa yaar,’ sandeep said to him.

‘Fast mere bhai,jaldi jaa,’ he added.

(To be continued..)


  1. heyy...nice! n veryy nice sketches!!
    hope u have taken permission from twin for all this stuff........
    tere uss office wale role pe to mujhe bahut gussa aaya tha...but den u said u had d permission!!

    wud like to have more humour on rajni ishtyle!! n ofcourse...item girl..as u narrated...lol....

  2. tsk.. no i dont like tht :P

    hehe... no seriously good one man.. coupla grammar mistakes, i was like WHAT? and i forgot who was richa in the middle and had to re read..

    My short term memory loss seems to linger on..

    sandeep? who sandeep :P

    hehe.. no, its not THAT serious yet :P

    okay, yes, illustrations are great.. the last two ones are someone wild?

    what are they two doing together in second last pic? you need to elaborate more on this one.

    and guys? when the hell do you people study?

    and work.. when the hell do you people work :O


  3. main kuch bolne ke laayak nahi hoon...diamond cuts a diamond...will be back with a diamond..he he...stephen uncle..prince stephen...apne din gin na chaalu kar de...he he...grrrrrrrrrr...

    *nice flow...a couple of grammatical mistakes...but humour overpowers them....i think you have tried to squeeze in a lot of things in this post which makes it tough for the readers to imagine n empathise(if you meant them to)...for eg. richa is introduced all of a sudden and there is not much flesh in her character..also you dont build up the workplace atmosphere or the circumstances where Mr. Malan had to leave his first job...these were gems which you could have explored and got guaranteed laughs from your readers...plus..the cinema scene..it had so much potential to be a cracker...you did bring some smiles..but i am sure you could have used it much better...for eg. Mr. Malan taking on the stage and dancing around and richa getting embarassed in front of her friends...or Mr. Malan taking his shirts of n attempting a jig to show how big a rajni fan he is...richa going red with anger...you have taken that twist waala advice to your heart...worst thing for me is that you keep on decidint to experiment all your twists on my characters!! grrr...

    Good one nonetheless...you have fuelled my interest in reading more...dont falter...Mr. Malan is a well known personality..he he...cheers bro...nice sketches...

  4. Good one. waiting for the second part. hope it is released soon!!

  5. grrrrr shruti....stephen uncle is raping me in the open and you are waiting for the next part..ooyeinnnnnnnn.........godddddd!! wait prince stephen wait... ;P

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  9. hey twin ,.,,...thnk u for ur valuable suggestions ...i have noted it....i will improve it in upcoming parts

  10. hey prii ..u liked rajni kanth style ...sahi hai yaar

  11. asbah khan sandeep malan ki friend hai hehehehe

    yes i write this late night and i study during aftrnoon and morning

    ty for ur feedback asbah

  12. hehe sandeep ka rape ho raha hai and that too in open hehehe

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    u very baad

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    nice nice..
    plz give me a shout when u post the next part.. hehe i dont wanna miss this.. lol.. hehe

  20. hey ani...

    i will make sure that you thoroughly enjoy the second part..he he... *winks*

  21. ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha

    *evil laughter*

  22. Steph

    i am bit busy till the end of nov.. so please give me constant reminders plz plz.. so that i can come and comment on time..

    Sandeep.. hehe well well.. i wont trust u to remind me.. hehe am sure u wont wanna have lovely comments from me now.. do u?? wink wink.. lol.. am laughing mugambo style.. lol.. hehe

  23. second part!!! ha ha ha............
    stephen......prince stephen........

    stephen will not give a reminder 4 d second part 4 sure!! hehe...

  24. priyanka..

    i know he wont..so am going to keep a reminder on my comp.. well already did actually.. hehe lunch time to check the blogs.. hehe this should be fun.. lol

  25. huh too much of fun haa

    * gives a cruel look and a wicked smile to all his friends her trying to pull his legs*

    prince ste will be back with a bang

  26. prince ste will be back with a bang

    nd yes u have teh reposting of the LOSM series

    for new members

  27. ste just told me he'l post malan series again...n i thot new membrs k liye mast fun hoga...n den he started pastin comments in my chat box! n i ws taken back to d good old days!! :D ...so i asked for d link n lol...i love all dis!! ....kitnaaa fun tha!! damn...i miss that time!!

    chalo...for members who r unaware of d legend! :P ....enjoy!!

  28. hehehhehe OMG so the great malan series to back :P
    cool post!
    Though there r some grammatical mistakes to be corrected
    gosh even i got late it seems
    koi nahi
    aur second part jaldi lana !

  29. loved the sketches as much as the post !

  30. hahahha...gud ek muvi ke liye chutti...hmmm..nice waitng 4 nxt part..

  31. he he... u r a crazy dude...

    Malan revisited for the newbies ...
    n more to come still...
    n the sketches r brilliant ste....


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