October 11, 2008

Isolated in Between..

Once ,while she was as useful as any one could be .She used to help her mother in all her works,assist her dad in his work and teach her sisters.Things have changed and a drastic changed awaited her,which eventually changed her life for a while.A girl who was born and brought up in a decent family where girls never spoke to any stranger, starting talking to boys whom she never met or may be stranger, to be precise.All that credits that she accumulated from her family members were put to vain.She now began to live a life which is deprived of fear and tensions.Her parents fault was only that they bought her a mobile phone as she was going to live with her aunty in a totally different environment.She had done her graduation in nursing and to be honest didnt had any interest in job.She came to live with her aunty and her kids whom she used to consider as her own brother and sister.By a cousins grace she got a job in one of the most reputed hospital in mumbai and this never stopped ,she used to get good food and allowances from the place where she worked.But was not faithful to the person who got her a job.. could not even think of showing the appointment and salary slip to her cousin who got her a job.How would one do it especially in a worst condition in life where you have just finished your studies and searching for a job.Her life changed drastically,earlier in bangalore she had friendship with many boys and this was a matter of disguise to her aunty and uncle and other family members,but her cousins knew it very well and she considered them as her best friends whom she could ever had.Every morning she used to recieve a sms from his friends and she used to figit with her mobile every night , almighty only knows what she does with her mobile phone when every one in her family are sound sleep.She could not even acknowledge her cousin who went with her across the streets of mumbai in search for a job ...not even a word of thanks and courtesy ..Once she was kind to them and now she isnt ..a person who used to do the basic cleaning works and other basic work in her family now started running away from that job.She was ignored by her cousins just because she ignored them, and in front of her aunty and uncle she pretended to be a good child,a child who never plays with mobile ,a person who never reacharges her phone daily .Her attitude changed and her behaviour as well.Every one in her family(in mumbai) could notice the sudden change in her..how money makes people blind..,isnt it??? a girl who never used to care about looks,now started caring for looks and clothes...she used to recharge for 100 bucks ,finish it and the very next day recharge it again.She was one of the most precious assets of her family.... a girl who represented and worked as a boy for her family ,a person from which her cousins expected much.But every thing is to vain...Her uncle and aunty notice the change in her and they were surprised to see this change.Her cellphone was the only mean of her life as everyone seldom talk to her now.She looks at it types something with the help of keypads and smiles...gets up late in morning ,but checks for sms and smiles..This 240 watts smile is an irritating factor which gradually upsets her family members.She cherished each and every moment of her life .She ignored her cousin with whom she used to share her wildest secrets of life as well as non veg jokes.Her life continues the same way as it does...She is caring ,loving and adorable ,but to some extent.She should change for her betterment ,she continues it forever and ever ...........This is the journey of this girl ...She is isolated in between.,...

(This is an article written after studying impact of money on human beings ,the person addressed here is one of my close friend...will update more about this......... )


  1. thats quite a drastic use of the mob.. if its isolating ur friend from her family..

    thats a bit sad..

    waiting to see whats in the updats..
    hope all becomes well..

  2. yes saddening how materialistic we have begun to be! i dont like it and i dont want to be one!

    But yes, money matters, and sadly people do change!!


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