October 31, 2008

Funny caller tunes

well ,I am going to talk about different caller tunes.

I called one of my friends in Tamil Nadu few months ago...

i called him and I get some thing ,a very much familiar voice.....

it said,

"kanna, neee eppovum phone pannuva...aaana ivan busy yaa erupan....naan orru dada sonna nuuru dadava sonna madri ....hahahahaha....enna da rascala mind it"

(kid,you might call him any time, but he is busy now...when i say one time, it is equivalen to saying 100 times)

I recently i called my good friend Sandeep Balan and I couldn't stop laughing

it says

"busy hai, busy hai,

aap aise waqt hi call karte ho...

busy hai ,busy hai,

ok tabh tak voh phone utane tak ...chalo mein aapko koyal ki awaz sunata huunn

ku ku kuk k u k u k uk ui

vaise toh mein sher,bhakra ka bhi nikal leta huun

chalo bhakre ki 1 sample nikal leta huun ...

beh beh beh

ok baaki sab baadmein "

i could nt stop laughing after this...how funny naaa


  1. hehe

    there was this ring tune.. well its in mal though.. and this was in the middle of the night while travellin in the train..

    its in a lady's voice..

    and it first asks the person to pick up the phone sweetly and then as the time goes by.. its becomes very rude.. hehe was funny..

    except the person who's phone it was.. everyone else had woken up hearing this ring tone..

  2. tu kitna vella hai stephen...........!! :D

  3. wht vella yar

    am all alone nw

    pakk raha hai mujhe abh

  4. part 4 likh le.......regain ur lost glory.......agar kabhi thi......... he he

  5. thii naa


    am nt gonna write till my exams gets over :p


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